Rock Music Schools

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Rock music schools tend to be found within larger institutions devoted to the study of songcraft and performance. You're most likely to encounter rock and roll concentrations or minors as part of a greater curriculum dedicated to the history, theory, and performance of music. Even within pop music, rock and roll occupies a select piece of real estate, albeit a rather important one.

Rock music schools may turn to Motown and the contributions of Berry Gordy as a point of departure in understanding the role that rock has played over the generations. Instructors may also focus on the work of Elvis Presley, The Byrds, and of course the British Invasion bands such as the Who, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Rolling Stones, many of whom took their cues from American jazz and blues. No study of rock and roll is complete without due attention to the Stax label's recording artists and other contributions from the world of soul and rhythm and blues.

Rock Music Schools for Playing

It's just about impossible to play any original rock music anymore. There are only so many times that C, F, and G chords (as well as other popular 1-4-5 progressions) can be played over and over and offer anything new. For this reason, all prospective rockers must be well grounded in the history of the style, which means appreciating those artists who blazed the trail. Only then can today's "shredders" discover what they have to offer the genre that's new.

Like other types of music colleges, rock music schools stress the importance of collaboration, which often means participating in crossover curricula. You may expect to spend the majority of your time on campus taking guitar lessons, when in reality you'll be just as vested in discovering the stylistic range of keyboards, bass, percussion, and voice. Nobody says you have to have vocal chords made of gold to attend rock music schools, but it's essential that you have a working knowledge of voice training, pitch, melody, harmony, breathing, and vocal control.

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