The Benefits Of Reading

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Reading Benefits? Certainly, 21st-Century life is fast-paced and demanding. There seems to be little time for relaxation. Distractions abound and some of the simple pleasures, time-honored occupations, are cast aside. Take for instance, the reading of books. Books are still being written and bookstores still sell them. The human mind perpetually thirsts for knowledge. And yet, finding a comfortable spot and picking up a book to read, seems more and more like a luxury, something one does only on vacation.
We are living in an instant gratification-oriented world. You can sit on a bus and play a game on your cell phone, or watch a sporting event or even a movie on a device that fits into a pocket. It is easy to numb the mind and feel entertained without actually becoming engaged. Reading, expands the mind, demands engagement and focused attention.
The benefits of reading a book are many. Start with selection. Do you have an area of interest, such as biographies or historical novels? Perhaps you want to learn more about gardening or cooking. Books have never been easier to obtain. Obtain a library card and begin to use your valuable community resource. Books can be purchased discounted, online at such sites such as Then again, it is quite stimulating, walking through the doors of a favorite bookstore, big or small and perusing the shelves in search of something that piques your interest.
Books teach us about the world, past and present and open our minds to new ideas. Vocabulary is increased, spelling improved, literary styles revealed. It takes discipline to read a book, and time must be set aside for the pursuit, although many a voyage has passed more quickly, absorbed in a good read!
Reading helps us relax and forget whatever is bothering us. We can become immersed in another reality, completely focused with a level of concentration which is in complete contrast to the hectic multi-tasking demands of our daily schedules. It requires discipline and improves the memory. When one picks up a book after having been away from it for a bit, details and facts must be remembered and sorted, in order to continue effectively.
Books are an antidote to boredom. They cause us to reflect, to feel emotion and they give us the opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Keep a book you read as a child, by your bedside, and every time you open it to a familiar page, a smile will come to your face.

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