Children's Education Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Children's education software isn't limited to just math and English. Online versions of games such as chess and Othello test for highly sophisticated spatial reasoning and probability skills as well as cognitive abilities such as information storage and retrieval. By making these activities competitive and enjoyable, product manufacturers are able to camouflage the "learning" element that often turns children off in its more explicit forms.

Additionally, there's subject-specific children's education software in fields such as history, anatomy, and biology. Games such as Jeopardy! which is based on the popular game show, test broad-based knowledge while titles such as Carmen San Diego deal with world geography through the guise of detective work. There are CDs and DVDs put out as well by companies such as National Geographic and the Audubon Society that bring the animal kingdom to your son or daughter's computer and feature little-known facts about the habits and habitats of his or her favorite creatures.

More on Children's Educational Software

When shopping around for children's education software, you'll want to search for multimedia packages first. By using a variety of approaches such as books, workbooks, CDs, and DVDs, these products are better able to reinforce major ideas as well as unique details. A major concept may be presented through the textbook, then followed up with an electronic quiz before the next chapter is introduced.

At first, you may choose to supervise your kids while they use children's education software to make sure they're getting the most out of its resources. Once they've demonstrated an ability to guide their own learning, however, it's often best to step back and let them take the reins. This only adds to their feeling of autonomy and personal accomplishment. Plus, if they make mistakes, which they're bound to do, they'll have no fear of your disapproval. Rather, they can learn from them and then move on.

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