Homework Help

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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No parent should despair the moment his or her child needs homework help. Even your little Einstein is bound to encounter units that pose real challenges, be they in math, literature, science, history, or the arts. Few children excel across the board, as most are either predominantly left-brained or right-brained. This structural-functional school holds that the former are more analytical and rational while the latter are more subjective and intuitive.

The most important thing is that when it comes time to get homework help for your child that you do so with love and support. Most kids' efforts are tied to perceived approval or disapproval from their parents. Good work is reinforced with rewards (games, money, toys, approbation) while poor work is met with punishment (grounding, chores, disappointment). It's imperative that adults break this pattern and express their unconditional support of their kids' best efforts.

Ideas for Homework Help

One way to get homework help on the cheap is to provide it yourself. A lot of parents, especially those who work in business, use their clerical and office skills daily in the creation of spreadsheets, the writing of memos, and the calculation of payrolls. Unless your child is tackling advanced concepts in algebra, geometry, or calculus, you probably already have the skill set necessary to play coach. Failing that, you might turn to one of the child's older siblings who's recently completed the same kind of work.

So, you work in a highly repetitive job that demands no math or English skills, and you have no other children? If your child's school cannot find a tutor to fill in the gaps, you may need to conduct your own search for homework help. Generally, though, this is a last resort after all other options, including home educational products and extra classroom time with instructors, have been ruled out.

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