Reading Software

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Reading software represents a real breakthrough in the realm of early child education, for it puts children in control of their own learning. Programs combine a structured approach to reading with dynamic characters and fluid animation to make lessons engaging and enjoyable for youngsters. Did these programs exist 20 years ago? Sure. Was the animation this advanced? Not even close.

There are countless selling points of reading software, one of which is the self-directed nature of their tutorials. Children can take their time in mastering the units demanding the most attention and skip over those that are redundant. When a student makes the right decision he or she is rewarded with more points or advancement to the next level. Incorrect answers lead to more instruction and review.

The Appeal of Reading Software

The best reading software whisks its users away to far-off lands where fantastic characters await at every step of the journey. Unlike books and notecards, reading software is interactive, making children feel like active participants in their own learning, not passive recipients. The more the line between education and fun is obscured, the more likely your child will be to adopt a positive impression of reading, writing, and speaking.

Best of all, the cost of reading software is much less than that of a private tutor or many of the comprehensive "offline" learning programs marketed at kindergarten and first-grade students. Many DVD games run as little as 20 or 30 dollars each and can be installed on more than one machine at a time. You can load your software onto your desktop computer and play at home as well as run your disc on your laptop to take on road trips, family vacations, and other outings.

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