Teaching Math

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Teaching math is about far more than mere addition and subtraction. A good teacher understands where a child is in his or her cognitive development and chooses math games and exercises accordingly. Oftentimes, individual instructors simply don't possess this knowledge, and as a result children are faced with age-inappropriate lessons that are either too simple or too challenging.

This is one reason why parents frequently take on the job of teaching math in the home. Their own understanding of their child's learning abilities when coupled with contextual lessons drawn from everyday experience can, in fact, be a powerful combination. Still, the job of teaching math should never fall entirely to Mom and Dad. While their instruction is a plus, it should be conducted under the auspices of a professional home study course.

Teaching Math in the Home

Parents need not spring for costly courses or private tutors to give their kids extra attention in the field of mathematics. Flashcards are one inexpensive route to go and also allow children to test themselves, as the answers to problems are written on the back of the notecards. Math may also be taught using money and other denominational objects that make lessons in the four basic operations much easier to conduct.

Yet another option for teaching math in the home is investing in a software package containing video games, tests, and casts of characters who make learning math much more palatable and even (gasp!) enjoyable. A CD ROM or DVD lets children learn critical skills one at a time, then reinforce those skills through repetition, which, contrary to what some educators believe, is still the secret of retention. The best software solutions provide just enough repetition to drive home the point without boring kids to death, which is one sure-fire way to turn them off to math altogether.

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