Accounting Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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A degree in accounting can open up a whole world of career opportunities. Students who study accounting can do so much more than become certified public accountants. Many students who earn undergraduate or advanced degrees go on to work for the IRS or the FBI. Other students find work with private companies as claims adjusters, payroll managers, internal auditors, controllers, actuaries, and financial analysts. You can even use your expertise in the field of accounting to become a professor or a teacher.

If you want to find out more about earning a degree in accounting, it's a good idea to interview former graduates, and speak with your career advisor. Most high school career centers provide students with research materials on different college majors. US News and World Reports published an online article called "America's Best Graduate Schools." According to the article, the top three schools for accounting are the University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, and University of Texas at Austin.

Scholarships for Accounting Students

There are several scholarships for students who want to earn degrees in accounting. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants sponsors the John L. Carey Scholarship for students seeking graduate level degrees in accounting. This is a $5,000 award, and it can be renewed for a second year if you provide proof of academic progress.

The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting also offers several scholarships to women who want to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting. This organization is dedicated to helping to increase interest in the field of accounting among women by providing information about the field, educational resources, and financial assistance. If you're seeking a Ph.D. in accounting, you might want to apply for the Laurels Fund scholarship. EFWA also sponsors the Women in Transition Scholarship for adults who return to school to earn an undergraduate degree in accounting. EFWA also provides information about scholarships sponsored by other organizations such as the American Society of Women Accountants.

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