African American Scholarships

Written by Tara Peris
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African American scholarships are not difficult to come by, but it takes some resourcefulness to find them. There are numerous funding sources out there these days, but you must be willing to take the time to sift through them all. It's a labor intensive process, but one that proves well worth it in the end.

Scholarships for minorities--and for African Americans in particular--exist in abundance. From large-scale programs like the United Negro College Fund to smaller local offerings nationwide, the breadth of financial opportunity is impressive. Churches, civic organizations, and family trusts all make significant endowments to college funds each year. Thus, the real challenge is not one of finding a scholarship, but of determining which one is right for you.

Searching for the Right Scholarship

When you begin your search for a scholarship, you must start by considering your unique needs as a student. Will you be working your way through college? Does a certain program expect you to give back through community service or mentoring? What kind of a commitment will you be making when you accept scholarship funds from a particular organization?

These types of questions are just the tip of the iceberg, but they can be helpful for getting yourself oriented to the process. As you begin your search, you are likely to find that the sheer number of funding options is somewhat overwhelming. The best way to make the search process more manageable and more successful is to allow your unique student needs to guide decision-making and start with those scholarships that cater to your career and study goals specifically.

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