Left Handed Scholarships

Written by Tara Peris
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When looking for left-handed scholarships, it is important to exercise caution and avoid common scams. All too often, eager families fall prey to promises of easy money for college. Scholarships for left-handed individuals do exist, but you must know how to separate legitimate funding sources from those that will waste your time and money.

It helps to begin by considering the basic funding vernacular. Generally speaking, scholarships and grants are forms of financial assistance that do not require repayment. In some cases, a grant may be given for a specific research or teaching project and one will need to verify that these professional commitments have been fulfilled. However, the grant money itself is never repaid.

Avoiding Scams

Scholarship scams typically operate by confusing families about the terms of the aid agreement. They may request a hefty application fee for a scholarship program that doesn't exist or they may later demand some form of repayment. Sometimes, in an effort to turn a profit, application fees are charged when only one or two awards will be administered nationwide. Thousands of dollars are received in application fees and only a small fraction of the money is doled out to students. This allows the unscrupulous person on the other side to get rich at your expense.

Simply put, a scholarship is there to help you. If a certain organization creates a situation in which you feel like you are pouring money in with little chance of financial payoff, look elsewhere. If you must pay money for an application fee, verify the legitimacy of the organization, as most programs should give money rather than request it.

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