Minority Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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There are hundreds of minority scholarships for students of all ethnicities. If you need to find money for college and other educational programs, you may qualify for one of these scholarships. There are a number of resources to help you find details about some of the most popular minority scholarships available to students today.

Minority scholarships are generally awarded to African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and women. These scholarships are awarded for academic achievement, as well as for athletics, and for special skills. Many of these scholarships are awarded to students who seek degrees in specific fields such as accounting, medicine, creative writing, and the arts.

Sample Scholarships for Minority Students

One of the most popular scholarships is the Rob Brown Scholar Program. This program is for U.S high school students in need of financial aid for any four-year college or university. This scholarship is specifically for African American youths who have demonstrated financial need and academic potential. If you want to apply for this scholarship, you will need to write two essays, provide professional references, and, naturally, send the application in on time.

Many non-profit organizations offer scholarship programs for minority students. The Hispanic College Fund offers financial aid to Latino students who live in Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania, or Maryland. This scholarship applies to students who are seeking careers in engineering, business, or computer science. The American Association of University Women offers scholarships to women of color who seek advanced degrees in the fields of medicine, law, and business. These are just some of the scholarships on the market today.

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