Native American Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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One of the best resources for Native American scholarships is the American Indian College Fund. You can find all kinds of information about college scholarships and the 34 tribal colleges located throughout the United States by checking out the official College Fund website. This website provides background information as well as contact information for a number of different scholarships.

One of the most sought after scholarships among Native American students is the Ford/American Indian College Fund Corporate Scholars Program. This is a joint scholarship sponsored by Ford Motor Company and the American Indian College Fund. This is an $8,000 annual scholarship for Native American students who have declared majors in business and engineering fields.

Scholarships for Native American Students

Morgan Stanley has paired up with the American Indian College Fund to provide scholarships for students who are interested in studying business or financial services fields. This scholarship is open to students who want to study everything from investment banking to marketing. You can find out more information about this scholarship by visiting the Morgan Stanley website.

The Citicorp Scholarship and Career Exploration Program is another scholarship program available to Native American students. The scholarship provides an annual award of $2,500 for qualified students. The scholarship is limited to students who attend one of four tribal colleges located in South Dakota. Recipients receive financial aid in exchange for a commitment to the tribal community. Award recipients help to organize an annual event called the Citigroup Career Exploration Day. This event is held at the four tribal universities located in South Dakota, and helps to encourage higher rates of college enrollment.

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