Nursing Scholarships

Written by Tara Peris
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The nationwide nursing shortage has prompted the development of a growing number of nursing scholarships. These awards are designed to increase school enrollment and to produce a cadre of qualified new health care professionals. Generous aid programs coupled with a job that remains in high demand mean that it has never been easier to pursue a career in nursing.

Most people are drawn to nursing because it is a helping profession that allows one to directly interact with people in need. Indeed, the ability to change people's lives on a daily basis is a powerful thing. Yet, the benefits of a career in nursing can be felt much closer to home. They are seen in the form of high paying jobs and stable employment and in the excellent benefits packages that come with nursing jobs. Likewise, they are observed in flexible hours and ample room for professional advancement. Few career paths can provide this same combination of features.

Pursuing Professional Training

Appreciating the benefits of a career in nursing is not hard; however, funding the necessary training can be. This is true for any student, but especially so for working parents and those returning to school after a long absence. Nursing programs are not long, but they require a strong foundation of health sciences skills and some students will need to take extra classes to catch up.

Most scholarships are administered based on either academic performance or ethnic background. However, if you're willing to take the time to look, you will likely find a number of smaller programs that use more varied selection criteria. If an online search leaves you feeling frazzled, consider using a scholarship search service to make the process easier.

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