Online Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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In the last couple of years, millions of people have paid online college scholarship services to help them find funds for higher education. According to, people spend roughly $100 million for these services every year. These services run anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars, and often produce no significant results. If you want to avoid investing in a fraudulent or largely ineffective service, there are a couple of things to watch out for.

One of the best ways to tell if an online scholarship is a scam is if there is a fee involved. College scholarships provide students with financial aid, and they shouldn't come with a sticker price. Anything beyond a minimum fee should be looked into. You shouldn't be paying a hundred dollars for reading your essay or examining your application materials.

Protecting Your Credit Information

When you enter your personal information with an online search engine, you need to have some sort of assurance that it won't be auctioned off to other potential online retailers. Many online companies offer tantalizing scholarships in order to draw a specific age group or type of customer. Once personal information is obtained, it is passed on to other retailers for a fee.

If you work with an illegitimate source, you may find your inbox cluttered with unwanted mail. No matter what you do, never give your credit card information to one of these sites. You can check out a company's legitimacy by contacting the Better Business Bureau. Some fraudulent companies take credit information for "background information." These companies then have access to your bank account, and in some cases, can draw funds from your account. If a scholarship seems too good to be true, it probably is. All in all, read the fine print, and you should be on your way to finding some truly valuable scholarships.

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