Pharmacy Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're thinking about becoming a pharmacist, it's a good idea to do some initial research to find the best school. A few years ago, US News and World Report published a list of the top ten Pharmacy Schools in the country. The top position went to the University of California, San Francisco. Other top contenders included: University of Texas at Austin, University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, Purdue University, University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, and the University of Florida.

Even if students have the best grades and the highest test scores, they may not be able to afford to go to the best schools in the country. If this sounds like you, you can either apply for financial aid, or look into less expensive schools in your community. There are a number of companies and professional organizations that offer scholarships to pharmacy students all over the United States.

Scholarships and Aid for Pharmacy Students

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy offers a great deal of information for undergraduate and graduate students in the field of pharmacy. The official website for this organization provides a complete listing of accredited colleges and degree programs. In addition, this site provides links for financial aid for students, including a loan program called PharmLoan.

The National Community Pharmacists Association also provides a great deal of useful information for students. This organization sponsors the J.C. and Rheba Cobb Memorial Scholarship, which offers a $2,000 scholarship to eligible students. In addition, NCPA sponsors "Presidential Scholarships" in the amount of $2,000 for students currently enrolled in an accredited pharmacy program. NCPA also provides information about the Willard B. Simmons Memorial Scholarship for $2,000 for student members of NCPA.

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