Radiology Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you want to enjoy the benefits of working in a medical environment, with less training and formal education, you might want to consider a career in radiology. Many students prefer this career path because the training is very specific and you can obtain certification in less time than traditional medical school degrees. If you want to become a radiation technician, you can find scholarship programs to help you fund your education.

As imaging technology continues to advance, more and more jobs are becoming available for radiology students. Your college or training facility can provide you with information on recent trends in the industry, and an outlook for your future in it. It's a good idea to ask counselors about average salary rates, benefits, and working conditions. Your career counselor can also help you determine which school is right for you.

Scholarships in Radiologic Technologies

If you're interested in earning money towards your education in radiologic technologies or medical imaging, you might want to consider applying for the AHRA Education Foundation Broadley Scholarship. This program is sponsored by the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, and is for members in good standing. This $2,500 award is for people who already have experience working as supervisors in the medical imaging field and want to advance their studies.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologies also offers several scholarship programs for students. This organization lists opportunities for students who are interested in getting into education, management and supervision fields. These scholarships are also open to people who already work in the field and want to take on more responsibilities or increase their earning potential.

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