Scholarship Application Tips

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're feeling overwhelmed by the whole college scholarship application process, this page can help. Many people all over the world need a little help when it comes to filling out these complicated forms, and getting them in on time. One of the first things you need to do if you want to earn money for college is to get organized.

Most scholarship applications require you to send in a great deal of information for review. If you forget to send in this information, you run the risk of missing deadlines and losing out on much needed funds. Most scholarship applications require you to send in official transcripts. If you don't have an official copy of your high school transcript, or your two-year college transcript, you need to get one immediately.

Rounding out the List ...

Most college scholarships also require you to provide proof of your parent's annual income or tax returns. In addition, you will more than likely need to provide copies of official financial aid request forms. These forms are typically filed through the federal government, and copies are on file.

Most college scholarships require you to submit several letters of recommendation. It's a good idea to give teachers, coaches, and other community members plenty of time to work on these letters. In addition, it's always a good idea to seek out recommendations from individuals who respect your contribution to the educational environment, appreciate your creativity, and can convey with accuracy your personality and work ethic. In addition to these letters of recommendation, you will also need to write at least one essay expressing the reasons why you're the right candidate for the scholarship.

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