Scholarship Essays

Written by Rylee Newton
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Applying for college scholarships is so much more complicated than just taking the SATs and filing out application forms. One of the best ways to ensure that you receive money for college is to write compelling and unique scholarship essays. It's important to take some time to evaluate yourself both as a student and as a person before you sit down to write your essay.

One of the most important things to convey in your essay is your career goal. Even if you don't have a specific career in mind, it's a good idea to narrow down your fields of interest. Students applying for scholarships in specific fields like music, art, photography, creative writing, and medicine, often present detailed plans for their professional futures in these fields.

What to Discuss in Your Essay

When applying for a scholarship, it's important to provide plenty of information about your extracurricular activities. Scholarship committees prefer to give funds to well-rounded students. You might want to list your leadership roles, both at school and in the community. Some students even list their favorite books, films and music. While you don't want to simply list these things, you do want to convey your personality and your convictions in a succinct manner.

Another great piece of information to include in your essay is a list of your influences. Many students list people in their chosen professions who have made a difference in their lives. Some students discuss events that have left a lasting impression on their lives. Before you send your scholarship essay, it's important to have several people read it first. You can ask a parent, a teacher, a college counselor, or just about any other qualified and objective individual for help.

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