Scholarships To Study Abroad

Written by Tara Peris
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Scholarships to study abroad provide an ideal way to help young students experience the wonders of other cultures firsthand. They can provide critical funds to assist with travel and tuition expenses, and can help students to complete as much as a year of study abroad. This allows for a truly invaluable educational experience.

Few things are as enriching as traveling abroad. Anyone who has had the privilege of traveling overseas knows that there is nothing like immersing yourself in another culture to bring classroom learning to life. Almost effortlessly, history lessons crystallize, political debates come into focus, and lessons in anthropology, sociology, and literature take on new meaning. To be sure, study abroad is the perfect way to round out a liberal arts education.

The Great Wide Open

Most colleges and universities work hard to give students an opportunity to learn abroad. A good many have private endowments specifically designed to help students find needed funds. When these fail, financial aid offices often are able to help students look for national awards to promote overseas study. The American Institute for Foreign Study, for example, awards hundreds of scholarships each year.

Critically, if you are already on financial aid, you can consider yourself halfway there. Loans and grants typically are portable, allowing you to apply them to study abroad. Scholarship terms vary a bit more; however, agreeable arrangements often can be made in the name of pursuing academic advancement. The key is to start your planning early so that you can get financial matters in order before applying for a course of study.

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