Single Parent Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're a single parent looking for scholarship funds, you're not alone. Every year thousands of single parents head back to school with the hope of increasing their earning potential. These people must not only continue the demanding task of raising their children alone, but they also must make time for classes and studying. If you thought getting through college was difficult, imagine doing it while raising children alone.

Many single parents put off earning their college degrees because they simply can't afford to attend school and raise their kids. This is the catch-22 of being a single parent without a formal college education. If you earn a college degree, you significantly increase your earning potential, but most parents can't afford to take time off from work for higher education.

Finding Affordable Housing and Child Care

Many universities accommodate their single parent population with affordable housing options and work-study programs. These housing options often provide educational facilities for young children and day care facilities as well. These contained environments help to reduce stress for single parents. Many times students create mutually beneficial relationships with other students. These supportive relationships help to ease the incredible stress of being a student and a parent. Children in these housing environments also tend to form bonds with their peers.

If your school doesn't offer housing options, you may still be able to earn financial aid in the form of reduced child care costs. In addition, many single parents apply for low interest education loans. Many students make payment arrangements with loan companies to begin repayment upon gaining employment in their field of study. Taking out a loan for education is an investment in your future. As more and more single parents enter colleges and universities, you can expect to see even more scholarship programs.

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