University Scholarships

Written by Rylee Newton
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You worked hard, participated in your community, and you got into the school of your dreams, now how do you pay for it? Many people take out college loans, or seek financial aid to pay for a college education. When you consider the cost of tuition, housing, and books, it's no wonder so many people need help making ends meet.

Academic scholarships and athletic scholarships are the most common types of scholarships for high school students. Every year millions of students are rewarded for earning the best grades and for bringing the state championship home. If you happen to be a gifted athlete or a driven student, you have a number of options when it comes to finding college funds in your community and from the government.

Finding Funds in Your Community

If you don't fall into the top percentile in academics, or you never did all that well on the playing field, you can still find financial assistance for college. Many students apply for and receive work-study grants from the federal government. These grants provide money for college in exchange for man-hours. In most cases, students find part-time employment in on-campus locations. Many students also receive financial aid by filling out a free application for federal student aid, or FAFSA form.

If you want to search for more traditional scholarships, you have several different options. Many schools offer money to alumni and to students of certain religious and ethnic backgrounds. Many trade associations and professional organizations offer scholarships to members. You can also receive college money from community groups like the Boy Scouts and 4-H, religious groups, and even the local Chamber of Commerce.

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