Securities Exam

Written by Pete Nicholls
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Securities exam preparation is nothing that should be taken lightly. Whether you want to become a stock broker or a financial advisor, you often must take an exam, or a series of exams, that you will be required to pass with a score of 70 percent or higher. There are many exceptional home study materials that can assist you with your securities training and exam preparation.

Most NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers) exams are divided into registered representative and registered principle levels. Often times if you take one exam, you will not have to take another exam. For example, the Series 7 exam is probably the most comprehensive exam offered, and if you were to take this exam and pass, you would not have to take some of the other individual exams, which would otherwise be required.

Securities Exam Preparation

As with any securities exam, you must allot a certain amount of time each day for a month, maybe longer, to fully prepare yourself to sit for the test(s). Some exams have a much higher degree of difficulty, the Series 7 exam for example, which would require that you spend more time on test preparation. There are some exceptional home study aids available that can really assist you with your studies.

Textbooks, CDs for the computer, cassettes, and videos are all popular self-study materials that can help you sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge before you take an exam. Most importantly though, is that you give yourself enough time prior to taking an exam to fully prepare for it. It's great if you purchase these materials to help you prepare, but you must actually be willing to put the time and effort into studying in order to pass your exam on the first attempt.

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