Series 6 Test

Written by Amy Hall
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The Series 6 test is a NASD exam required for people who will only offer investment company products such as mutual funds and closed-end funds, as well as for those who will sell variable annuity contracts and variable life insurance. There is no required prerequisite to sit for this exam, and the fee to take the Series 6 is $60. The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, with a 2.25 hour time limit being given for students to finish the exam.

The test topics on the Series 6 test include: Markets, Risk, and Policies, Open End Companies and Accounts and Services, Variable Annuities and Retirement Plans, and Regulations. The bulk of the test questions will focus on the topic of Open End Companies and Accounts and Services, making up almost half of the test questions. In order for students to pass this exam, an appropriate amount of study time prior to taking the test is required.

Preparing for the Series 6 Test

Of course the best way to prepare for any exam is to study for it. But the NASD Series 6, or any of the Series exams, are not your regular run-of-the-mill exams. Most of them require that students study at least one to two hours a day for a month (maybe more) prior to sitting for the exam. There is a great deal of complex information covered on the exam, which requires time and effort to be fully mastered.

Many students take preparatory classes when they are studying for the Series 6 exam, or any of the other registered exams. In addition, you may wish to purchase some excellent home study aids, such as textbooks, CDs, audio cassettes, or videos to help you learn the material faster.

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