Stock Broker Exam

Written by Amy Hall
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The stock broker exam is also called the Series 7 exam or the Series 7 stock broker exam. It is the most comprehensive exam given by the National Association of Securities Dealers, and it represents the gold standard in the financial service world. This NASD exam is a New York Stock Exchange generated exam, and can be taken by anyone who is employed by a broker or dealer who will trade all types of securities.

The stock broker exam covers such a broad range of topics that it basically covers the same information on the Series 6, 22, 42, 52, and 62 exams. Any individual who takes the Series 7 exam and passes with a score of 70 percent or higher, does not need to sit for any of these other exams. This fact alone can be a great incentive to study hard and pass the test the first time around.

Stock Broker Exam Facts

The Series 7 exam is a test comprised of 250 multiple choice questions. Topics covered on this test include: Equity Securities, Debt Securities, Options, Trading Markets, Customer Accounts, New Issues, Investment Companies, Taxes, Regulations, and Analysis. Test takers will be given a six hour time limit to complete the exam, with the test being broken into two three hour time sessions.

Preparing for this test will take a lot of time and effort on your part to fully gain an understanding of the topics covered. You can help make this preparatory process easier by using some excellent self-study materials, such as textbooks, CDs for the computer, audio cassettes, and videos, which will give detailed information and explanations on the covered topics.

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