Computer Aided Transcription

Written by Jen Nichol
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Who doesn't wish they had less work and more free time? Even in the computer age, we still manage to be swamped with tasks! Remember how it was before computers, back in the dark ages of typewriters, carbon copies and mimeograph machines? We were so excited when we got rid of all those archaic tools and were able to really clean up our calendars and our workspace with these new computers!

The time saving process doesn't need to stop, just because we think we know all we need to know about using our computer workstations. That's right, there are tools out there that can further streamline the work we get done on our machines.

Computer Aided Transcription Sounds Technical. Can It Help Me, a Secretary?

I agree with you, it does sound a little intimidating, doesn't it? But computer aided transcription is for anyone who uses a computer and who uses common words or phrases frequently in their work, personal correspondence, Email, and any computerized document. That's all of us!

If you are a secretary, you are most likely typing documents and Emails all day. Computer aided transcription allows you to simply enter abbreviations for those phrases or words, and the computer writes it out for you. What a time-saver! It's like the two of you are typing together, and you are only doing half the work.

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