Computer Shorthand

Written by Jen Nichol
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I Do Most of My Work on a Computer; How Can I Access the Power of Shorthand?

The same methods that make shorthand writing so easy and efficient have been applied to computer keyboards. The non-essentials are eliminated, and the rest is abbreviated and streamlined. This can dramatically improve your typing speed, no matter whether you are typing from dictation, taking notes, or just brainstorming!

More and more people are carrying laptops to meetings and classes. Yet, how many of those people are still taking notes the old-fashioned way? Those of us with computers at home and/or the office are doing it the same way. Scrambling to cram every word onto paper, and later not being able to read or understand a word of it! This is the least efficient way to collect and retain information.

Computer Shorthand Helps with Retention

When a person is struggling to get down every word of a speaker, regardless of the importance of the content, he or she becomes merely a scribe, putting words onto paper without thought. We treat even our own internal voice this way! Whether writing a speech, analyzing a company, or just having fun with creative writing, we need to be able to not only write, but to feel and flow with our creativity during the entire process. We can only do this if we are relaxed, and confident that we are getting all pertinent info onto the page.

Here is the key: when we process information in a relaxed, confident manner, we retain it! It's that simple! Rushing and over-working are counterproductive. Make the change today!

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