Data Entry Speed

Written by Jen Nichol
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Data entry is the backbone of any office, home business, or corporation. Without complete and accurate records of every transaction and every client, how would we know how to improve and streamline our business? Data entry clerks have to be speedy, efficient, and focused in today's (very!) high-paced world.

Can Data Entry Speed Be Improved?

Definitely. With technological tools available to everyone, shortcuts and speed typing skills are available to everyone. Why repeat the same awkward functions over and over if you can learn simple shortcuts to drastically reduce the time you spend entering each piece of data? There is so much out there to help us through our workday, it really benefits us to learn some of these timely skills!

We all wish we could type faster, work better, and have more time to really stay on the cutting edge of our workload. Why, just a few extra minutes a day to collect our thoughts would be a godsend! We can begin giving ourselves this time by learning how to speed up and improve our most common daily tasks.

Not only can data entry speed be improved with today's tools, but also our note-taking and Email skills, among others. Our work is challenging and important; let's get on top of it!

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