Gregg Shorthand

Written by Jen Nichol
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Are There Different Types of Shorthand?

When shorthand was really becoming popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, there were a variety of methods. Some were based on letter-type symbols, and some were even based on math-type symbols! However, all around the world and through the years, the word "Gregg" has become synonymous with shorthand writing.

How Gregg Shorthand Works

The method developed by John Robert Gregg uses lines and curves, and so your shorthand flows in much the same style as your longhand writing. We don't have to traverse awkward and unfamiliar new territory before we begin to learn. Since our hands already use these types of lines and curves, our new skills can develop rapidly.

Is Gregg Shorthand Difficult to Learn?

Over time many new methods of shorthand have developed that are superior to Gregg Shorthand. Since Gregg Shorthand is an older method of shorthand, the newer methods are better and more effective. These newer shorthand methods include "easyscript" and "computerscript."

People in this new era are seeking tools to help them save time and energy and improve efficiency. The newer, faster shorthand methods help improve work performance, and allow us to spend more time on our lives, our families, and what we really love!

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