Meeting Note Taking

Written by Jen Nichol
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Let's face it; we all know who is on the fast track at the office, and who is just struggling to keep up. In the morning meeting, some of our colleagues are alert, prepared, and involved with the speaker. Their meeting note taking is concise and organized. Others are just able to keep up, and yet others are avoiding all eye contact because they are still swamped with the information from yesterday!

We have all heard the statistics...information overload is rampant in our society! Despite the presence of computers paper usage and bureaucratic demands are on the rise. We can't conquer this by working harder, because we are going as fast as we can. The only answer is to learn a new skill.

Meeting Note Taking, How Can I Improve?

By learning a way to write anything that is faster, easier, and more efficient than any method we have ever used, we give ourselves an edge. This revolutionary way to learn shorthand writing will change how you view meeting note taking forever. It doesn't take long to learn, just a few hours, and you can start being one an active participant in the office, more involved and more comfortable with your workload.

How Can Improved Meeting Note Taking Give Me an Edge?

How many of us got 90% of the information about a project, but just didn't have time to write down the last, important facts? We try to grab a minute with our boss, but they are always so busy, so the project is put on hold while we scramble to make do with insufficient direction. How many of us hate to admit we need the information repeated? It's time to get on top of the game. Using this shorthand writing method will make us the "Go-To" person in the office, a step ahead of our frantic, swamped, and confused colleagues.

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