Pen Computer

Written by Jen Nichol
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I've Seen People "Writing" on Computer Screens. What Are They Doing?

What they are doing is using a pen computer. This is a cross between a portable laptop, and a pen and paper! The computer does not have a keyboard. Instead it has a stylus, called the "pen," and by using this pen to touch the screen, you are giving the computer commands.

Nowadays, at most grocery or drugstores, there is a small screen at the checkout counter, with which you use a pen to tap in your credit card's PIN number. This is the same way the pen computer works. The screen simply changes when each new command is needed. Easy, huh?

Some pen computers recognize handwriting, so you can simply write text as you would do with a pad of paper and a traditional pen and the computer will transcribe your notes into easy-to-read text!

How Big Are Pen Computers?

Personal pen computers can be as small as the tiniest handheld, or palm-style organizer, and can be as large as a good-sized laptop, or larger.

Why Are Pen Computers Popular?

Well, since pen computers don't typically have a keyboard, they tend to be less bulky than other computer designs. Also, some people just prefer writing to typing!

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