Written by Jen Nichol
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What Is Shorthand?

Shorthand is a system of writing developed thousands of years ago to expedite the transcription process. It uses letter-like symbols that stand for different sounds, so a word is spelled the way it is heard, phonetically, instead of the standard English spelling. By using one symbol, instead of a whole group of letters, to represent each sound, the note-taking process is greatly streamlined.

How Can Shorthand Help Me?

By learning a system that allows you to gather and process a large amount of information while freeing up your pen and your attention, your retention rate greatly improves. Shorthand is a tried-and-true system that, over the years, has dramatically improved efficiency in the workplace. Instead of fretting that you may have missed important facts in a lecture, you can relax, knowing that you are gathering all the information you need!

Did you know that people tend to speak at a rate of about 135 words per minute? No wonder we have felt overwhelmed every time we try to capture the essence of a seminar, lecture, or meeting. Our hands couldn't keep up! Well, now they can! Shorthand is one of the world's best kept secrets to improved speed, efficiency, and organization.

Not only will you learn to stay on top of any transcription process, but you will actually feel more relaxed, less pressured to "keep up." More attention and more energy means better performance, and better performance means a job well done!

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