Shorthand Training

Written by Jen Nichol
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Finally, Shorthand Training!

How many of us feel like we lose half the important information that we hear? We have all been in seminars and meetings in which the content was so important that we wanted to get it all. Unfortunately, the only way we know how to do this is to try to listen and write at the same time!

If you're like me, you have tried everything from borrowing the notes of other attendees, to using recording devices that end up garbling the voice of the speaker. Rather than leading to clarity and understanding, the whole process creates confusion and frustration. Well, no more. There's a solution, and it's called shorthand!

Shorthand Training Works!

We've all heard the word, but how many of us have ever been given the opportunity to learn this profoundly effective way to condense your writing? It's so frustrating: we're told time and again how important it is to take effective notes, without being given any of the skills to do so.

No longer will you have to write furiously, hoping to at least capture the essentials of what you are hearing. Now, you will be introduced to shorthand training, a truly powerful technique for note taking that will free you up for active listening!

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