Shorthand Writing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Why Try Shorthand Writing?

Have you ever noticed that the more important the information is that you are trying to write down, the more difficult it is to keep up with the speaker? We become flustered, and end up losing more information than we collect. This has been an age-old dilemma, but you don't have to struggle with it anymore!

Efficient writing and communication in the workplace is essential! How many of us could skip up the corporate ladder if only we were better at collecting and assimilating information? The time we have been spending to slowly and painfully re-write our notes and decipher our messages could be spent in learning new material, networking, and mastering our tasks.

Is There One Best Method of Shorthand Writing?

Precisely because of this universal need for a more efficient writing method, different systems of abbreviated longhand writing, called speed writing or shorthand writing, have been developed throughout the centuries specifically to address this issue. now introduces you to the latest shorthand writing developments.

Like anything else, shorthand writing has been honed and improved through the years, and is now so easy to learn that there is no reason not to jump right in and learn this astonishing skill. A few hours invested can change your life! If you have ever felt that you could be happier, more creative, and a more thinker if only you had the time and energy, this course is for you.

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