Speed Typing

Written by Jen Nichol
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Most of us spend most of our day typing! The first thing we see when we walk into any business environment is the computer, from post offices to general stores to the White House! Whether it's Emails, corporate analyses, or business letters, a lot of time is spent tapping away at those keys. What if much of that time we spend churning out correspondence could be eliminated? Do we really need that extra time? You bet we do!

With almost all business and personal correspondence being done by computers these days, it's important to use whatever can help get our skills up to par! Remember how awkward and time-consuming typewriters were? How happy we were to get onto the office computer! Now, you can take another leap forward, by learning speed typing.

Is There Technology out There to Increase My Typing Speed?

Yes, there is software that will allow you to type in abbreviations, and the computer will write out the long version for you. This can greatly increase speed and efficiency.

I have never met anyone who said, "My workday is easy enough. I don't need any more time and energy." Have you? If you're like me and my colleagues, every extra minute is gold! Skills like speed typing are exactly what we've been looking for, to get on top of our workloads, and increase our time management skills.

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