Typing Software

Written by Jen Nichol
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I've Been Hearing about Typing Software. Can You Explain a Little about It?

Absolutely! First let me tell you what kind of typist I have always been. I never bothered to try and improve my typing because I actually typed at a decent speed. Unfortunately, I also made mistakes at a rapid pace, forcing me to constantly backspace, delete, and rewrite. I used a lot of energy trying to control my typing, and would get so exhausted and frustrated, the fun went out of it. So long, creative writing!

Then I learned about typing software. What it does is allow me to use abbreviations, and it converts those abbreviations into regular script. This allows me to rush through words and phrases that used to trip me up, and also eliminates a lot of mistakes by reducing the number of keys I have to hit. It ever allows me to make custom abbreviations for words I use frequently!

Is Typing Software for Slow Typists, or Fast, Careless Typists?

Both. Slow typists will improve speed, because the computer is transcribing their abbreviations. They can move on to the meat of the correspondence or note-taking, letting the computer save them time and frustration. They won't have to try as hard to keep up!

Fast, careless typists, like my sister, will have fewer opportunities to make mistakes. The very words that they tend to rush through, the ones they use most frequently, are the very ones that they can use abbreviations for! Talk about easy! Anything that eliminates frustration in the workplace is a giant step in the right direction.

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