Social Work Ceus Home Study

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Home study is a cost- and time-efficient way to earn continuing education credits. For busy professionals, it is a way to continue practicing while taking courses in their spare time. This allows greater flexibility and makes it possible to get the CEUs, or continuing education units, needed to meet state licensing renewal requirements in a short amount of time.

Social Work Home Study

Home study for the social worker can consist of many methods and a variety of teaching tools. State licensing requirements dictate that social workers be up-to-date on the latest therapies and techniques for their specialties. Therefore, home study courses focus on meeting these requirements. One way to engage in effective home study is through taking online courses, offered by schools and private instructors.

There are many ways to get continuing education units through home study. The units must be obtained under the supervision of a qualified instructor. This instructor might offer audio tapes and/or books with tests that can be ordered online. Each course will be worth a certain amount of credit hours that go toward earning CEUs.

A participant can study at home, take the test, submit it either electronically or through the mail, then have it graded by instructors. Home study for social workers allows them to efficiently learn new material and get updated without losing time at work. It is a popular method of learning, which makes sense for the busy professional.

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The very nature of their work dictates that social workers have an obligation to continue their education long past the time that their degrees are earned. Social work is a field that encompasses a wide range of specialties. Is it still available for social worker ceus