Social Work Education Online

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Quality social work education comes in many forms, and it is no longer restricted to colleges and universities. Busy professionals can get continuing education units, or CEUs, in their field of expertise simply by registering online with a certified instructor. Online educators offer programs that give social workers the credits they need for license renewal, as well as to further their knowledge of their specialties.

The Online Option Makes It Easy

Many of the teaching methods used in classroom settings are available on the Internet. In the privacy of the home or office, and at one's own pace, social workers can order books, papers, testing materials and audio tapes that give them access to the latest information. Some instructors even offer personalized instruction via email and phone conferences.

Students purchase the materials and take tests at home. Most courses are intended only for license renewal, those working toward their first license or certification should check to make sure the courses they purchase are appropriate for what they are trying to achieve. It might be necessary to obtain one's original degree through a traditional educational resource, such as a university. Also, licensing and renewal requirements vary from state to state. Online courses should meet these requirements and be accepted by the state licensing board evaluating the application.

While there are many factors to consider when choosing online continuing education for social work, there is no question that the online option is a convenient one for anyone who cannot make time for classroom learning. With time at a premium for busy professionals, the Internet has become the place to find the same educational materials previously only available at school. Check before purchasing any online educational program to ensure that the credits earned meet state requirements.

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