Accuracy Of High School Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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The accuracy of high school grades is a most important topic. As college admissions committees continue to emphasize the importance of high GPAs, grade accuracy seriously affects the future of any college-bound student. Grading accurately is therefore one of the most important aspects of being a good high school teacher.

How To Ensure the Accuracy of High School Grades

Every educator should be able to vouch for the accuracy of high school grades with complete and utter confidence. This is, unfortunately, not always a reality. It happens that every now and then, overworked and stressed teachers end up hitting one wrong button on the calculator and the end result is a miscalculated final grade.

Take a moment to imagine the adverse consequences this could have on a young person's life! If the student deserved an A and ended up with a B, it could seriously alter his or her GPA and harm his or her chances of getting into a top-notch school. It is for these reasons that every teacher must make the accuracy of high school grades a top priority.

One the best ways to ensure the accuracy of high school grades is to use a grading program or an online grading calculator. Most grading mistakes happen late at night when a teacher is hurriedly trying to finish calculating student grades by hand. Get ahead of the game and try using a grading program--these programs are known to cut down on miscalculations up to 88%!

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