Calculating Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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Calculating grades can be an absolute nightmare. Some teachers have over two hundred students so the math can be quite complex and tiresome. Using a grading program can cut the time you spend calculating grades by nearly 75%!

Grading Programs Make Calculating Grades a Snap!

When I first started teaching, I absolutely dreaded calculating grades. Grading the papers and tests themselves was enough of challenge. Taking a term's worth of test scores and class work grades and using them to come up with a single letter grade was even more demanding.

After my first year or so teaching, my mentor teacher introduced me to the concept of grading programs. According to her, any teacher with the slightest bit of computer know-how was a fool not to take advantage of these spectacular programs. Once she sat me down and demonstrated the speed and ease with which she was able to call up and calculate any given student's or class's grades, I was sold.

Though we were both English teachers, my class was quite different from hers, as was my grading policy. At first I was afraid that I would be unable to find a program to suit my grading standards. I took a chance anyway and was pleasantly surprised to find that most grading programs are very adaptable so that you can manipulate and mold the program to meet your grading needs.

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