Classroom Grading Software

Written by Diane Sievert
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Classroom grading software is not a cop-out. Every now and then you will encounter a teacher who will try and convince you that nothing works as well as good, old-fashioned number crunching, complete with a number two pencil and calculator. But classroom grading software can determine grades so quickly, it'll make your old calculator feel like an abacus.

Classroom Grading Software Will Change Your Life

The most obvious plus to investing in classroom grading software is the amount of time it saves. If you have yet to use grading software, I ask you to time yourself next time you sit down and calculate grades; for example, it would take me several hours! Then approach some colleagues who use classroom grading software and ask them how long it takes them to calculate grades--you're bound to impressed by the difference.

If the one thing that's holding you back is a fear of computers, it's time to conquer your phobia. You don't have to be a great typist or computer whiz to use classroom grading software. All you need is a very basic understanding of the computer (i.e. how to turn it on and open different applications) and then an understanding of the program itself.

Today's classroom grading software tends to be quite user-friendly. Most programs come with a set-up wizard and a user manual to get you started. Customer service representatives are another great resource if you need help working the program.

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