Course Grading Software

Written by Diane Sievert
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Course grading software may seem expensive to some, but in the end it's an investment that will pay off year after year. If you actually counted the number of hours you spend calculating grades on your own, you'd see that course grading software is well worth the price tag. Give your mind, your fingers and that tired, old calculator a break and give course grading software a chance to change your life.

Course Grading Software Is a Smart Investment for Any Computer Savvy Teacher

Next time you go to calculate class grades, time yourself. See how many hours it takes to do all the math and double-check the final grades for possible mistakes. If you're an experienced teacher, you know the drudgery of which I speak.

Course grading software can cut down on the time you spend calculating grades up to 75%! Once you've entered all the necessary data, the computer does all the calculations for you. All you need to do is record the grades and input them into the computer program.

Course grading software can even give you a printout of the final grades in whatever order you wish. For example, you could have the grades sorted alphabetically by student name or have them sorted from highest to lowest--the choice is yours! Course grading software makes it possible for you to have your grades calculated and ready to hand in without all the fuss you normally associate with grading time.

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