Essay Grading Software

Written by Diane Sievert
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Essay grading software is the newest advancement in grading technology. Having surveyed thousands of successful English teachers, today's software manufacturers know what it takes to make effective essay grading software. It may seem like a conundrum (how could a computer grade something subjective like an essay?) but it's a reality that more and more teachers are beginning to both recognize and utilize.

How to Use Essay Grading Software

The first thing to realize is that the computer is not going to read the essay for you--that's your job. Once the essay has been read, however, the essay grading software can guide you in determining the best overall grade for the essay. It may seem rather complicated, but anyone who has already used a rubric should be able to follow along quite easily.

The most basic programs simply calculate the various aspects of an essay according to a set rubric or a rubric that you design. You read the essay and assign a score to a particular number of characteristics (a 1 for grammar, a 3 for content, a 2 on style, etc.). The essay grading software then calculates the entire grade of the essay using the data you've entered.

The best kinds of essay grading software will allow you to design your own rubrics. That way you can match the rubrics by which your students will be assessed. For example, if your students are preparing for an AP exam, you'll want your rubric to match that of the AP administration.

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