High School Grades Indicator

Written by Diane Sievert
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Relying on a high school grades indicator or indicators is a tricky situation. You don't want to be too biased and completely project personal prejudices onto the subject at hand. Using some kind of grading program can avoid the pitfalls associated with a more subjective high school grades indicator.

A Computer Grading Program Is A Very Effective High School Grades Indicator

The first thing you may be asking yourself is why you'd need a high school grades indicator and when exactly that is going to be a necessity. Because high school grades are so important for those students who are applying to college, high school administrators make the accuracy and fairness of student grades a top priority. As a high school teacher, you must be prepared to account for and defend the grades you give.

At any given time, a school administrator could waltz up and ask you to estimate what percentage of your students is currently passing. If all you have is a grade book and calculator, that could take some time to figure out. If you try and use your head to do some mathematical approximation, you're more than likely to guess too high or too low.

However, if you use a computer grading program, you can rest easy. One click of the mouse and you should be able to accurately answer that administrator's question. The key here is to regularly enter grading data so the information currently stored in the program is up-to-date; once that's done, you've got a super-high speed calculator that can sort and categorize and analyze that data anyway you see fit.

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