Improve Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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To improve grades you need to get serious about your performance in school. But it takes more than dedication to improve grades. You also need to be informed about the grading process.

The Best Way To Improve Grades Is To Examine the Grades You Have Now

If you haven't been happy with your school grades and are looking for a way to improve them, the first thing you need to do is figure out what it is you're doing wrong and this require some knowledge of the grading process. You may know you have a D in science, but have no idea why. Go and ask your teacher to explain his or her grading process to you so you can understand exactly what areas of your performance need improvement.

For example, you might find that your test scores are pretty high, but that your teacher is heavily weighting your performance on labs. If you've been absent a lot and missed quite a few labs, it could account for your low grade in the class. Now that you know what part of the class is most important to the teacher and his or her grading policy, you can act accordingly and improve your grades.

What Teachers Can Do To Help Students Improve Grades

As outlined above, knowing is half the battle. Teachers can help students who are serious about improving their grades by taking the time to sit down and go over the grading process with said students. Computer grading programs that sort and categorize different grades (i.e. test scores, class work grades, daily participation grades, etc.) can be a helpful tool in this process.

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