Online Classroom Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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Online classroom grades are not an unheard of proposition--many teachers and schools have already implemented such programs. It is, however, still the exception rather than the rule. As more and more teachers get internet savvy, the use of online classroom grades increases.

One of the Best Things about Online Classroom Grades Is Easy Student Access

If you're a teacher, you should have heard the following question more times than you could possibly count: "What am I getting in this class?" No matter how many times you explain the grading policy or show your students how to add up and calculate their scores, you will continue to be plagued by this question. One of the best ways to avoid it is to use online classroom grades.

With an online grading system, you can post secure grades online. This way your students don't have to pester you for their grade--all they have to do is log on and check it out for themselves. Once they've got a log-in ID and a password, they can look up their grades and chart their progress as often as they'd like.

A really good program will not only show the students their current grade, but break it down into various categories. The students should be able to look at their scores on individual assignments, tests, and so forth. That way the students can use the online classroom grades to see where it is they need to improve.

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