Online Grading Calculator

Written by Diane Sievert
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Using an online grading calculator has become an increasingly popular way to make the final grading process quick and easy. Computer savvy teachers know that taking advantage of modern technology is the best way to ensure particular aspects of their classroom run far more smoothly. Forget hand-held calculators and messy grade books--an online calculator is the tool of the future!

How To Use an Online Grading Calculator

Most often, an online grading calculator is part of a bigger grading program which requires you to input student grades from throughout the grading period. When you first set up your grading program, you can set the parameters for the online calculator. Then, as you input the students' scores throughout the term, the online grading calculator will automatically add it all up and determine the final grade.

So, if this still seems like a scary proposition, try walking through the following hypothetical situation of Student A. Every time you finish recording a grade of Student A (i.e. a test grade, an essay grade, a lab grade, etc.) you input the score into the online grading system. Then, at any given time, you can ask the program to calculate the current data (this can be only a couple of weeks of work or an entire semester's worth) and it will give you an overall grade.

Last but not least, you can rest assured that your online grading calculator isn't going to flub up and end up giving you some outrageous and completely off-the-mark grades at the end of the term. However, if that is a fear you just can't seem to shake, there is an easy solution: keep a paper copy of the grades you input into the computer. You can calculate a couple of grades by hand and they should match the grades determined by the online grading calculator.

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