Online Grading Systems

Written by Diane Sievert
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Online grading systems are the newest technological advancement in computer grading options. Various types of grading software have been around for some time now, but online grading systems are the hottest commodity in the educational market today. These grading systems do everything that student grading software does and more!

How Do Online Grading Systems Surpass Student Grading Software?

To begin with, software has to be installed on a computer as an application; in other words, to use the grading software, you must be using a computer on which that software has been installed. On the other hand, online grading systems can be employed from any computer that has internet access. That means you can work on your grades from home or in the classroom without having to lug a laptop back and forth.

Another benefit of working with online grading systems is that you can post student grades online. Students are then given a log-in ID and a password so that they can check their academic progress whenever they feel like it. Gone are the days that students could complain and claim they had no idea they were doing poorly--posting grades online means that staying informed of their scholastic situation is the student's responsibility.

The same idea goes for parents as well. All too often parents feel like they're left in the dark when it comes to their child's academic situation--the occasional progress report isn't always enough to get them up-to-date. If parents can access their child's grades online, they can nip minor problems in the bud and keep said problems from blooming into a scholastic catastrophe.

Using Online Grading Systems Will Make You a More Efficient Teacher

If you're a teacher, then you're no stranger to stress and one of the most stressful times of the year is the end of the term. All of a sudden you must somehow combine and calculate all the students' scores in a manner that wields an appropriate letter grade. And as every teacher knows, this is easier said than done.

If you've been relying on your trusty old calculator and a number two pencil to get you through grade reporting, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Online grading systems can make those long nights you spend number crunching nothing more than a distant memory. Online grading systems take all those student scores and do the calculating for you; and rest assured, the computer won't make the careless mistakes associated with pure human error.

How Do Online Grading Systems Work?

Believe it or not, it's easy. Grading the papers and recording the scores is your responsibility; once that's done and the information has been entered into the program, you're home free! All you have to do is make sure the grading program is set to the desired parameters and you have nothing else to worry about--the computer will take care of the rest.

If you aren't a computer whiz, there's no need to fear. Most online grading systems are quite user friendly--as long as you know a few computer basics, you should be all set. Anyone that can access the Internet or send an email already knows enough to use an online grading system.

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