School Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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School grades are an important fact of life. True, no one likes to be judged, but it's impossible to make it through life without being evaluated in one way or another. School grades are a child's first exposure to professional examination and evaluation.

Accurate School Grades Are an Important Part of Growing Up

Adults know that they're constantly being evaluated in the work environment. If you want to be a professional success, you must be able to get good employee evaluations. Even if a job doesn't use standardized employee evaluations, the boss is always sizing up his employees, deciding who should get promoted and who needs to be fired.

School grades are rather like a test-run for the real world. Students go to school, do their assignments and take their tests and those students who perform well get good grades and the students who do poorly get bad grades. Accuracy here is key because students need to see a direct correlation between performance and results.

If a student's grades are inaccurate, it could really send him or her off track. If the student feel that he or she has been working hard and been doing well, he or she will be expecting a good grade. One of the most important parts of teaching is not only giving accurate grades, but making sure your students understand the grading process.

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This is useful to know! I might try the same thing, eslceiaply to keep students from sleeping or otherwise not paying attention during group presentations. One question: Why wouldn't you grade down for Powerpoint issues? Shouldn't that be rehearsed beforehand? Unless it was something beyond their control, I think. Just curious! Thanks for the post.


Chris social pbioha might work in your advantage (if done right). Approaching a teacher, I'm usually a very shy student. I've even skipped classes because I was afraid to be called on but I have was hoping you could help me out? Currently, there's a lot not working in the school system (normal test procedures included). I'm doing what I can to through it. You can read more about it in this .