School Report Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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School report grades should be an important part of every student's life. Alas, this is not always the case; all too often societal influences play down the significance of getting good grades. And once a student and his or her parents are aware of the grade's importance, it can be too late to improve the situation.

Teachers Must Keep Students and Parents Informed of School Report Grades

In an ideal world, all the students would pay attention to you in that first week and learn how to keep track and calculate their own school report grades. Parents would also take heed and mark down in their calendars the dates of important assignments and progress reports. This, however, is not reality in the world of education.

There are, of course, the students and parents who do care and do stay on top of their academic situation. Then there are the students and parents who don't and it is always these people who seem most surprised when the report card comes home. The best way to avoid such surprises is to keep both students and parents informed of school report grades throughout the term.

In the early days, teachers had to fill out and send home passing or failing grade notices whenever they felt it was necessary. Modern technology has completely revolutionized the academic situation. Posting grades online gives students and parents the ability to check up and determine a class grade whenever and wherever they feel like it.

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