Student Grades

Written by Diane Sievert
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Student grades may only be one aspect of school, but they're certainly an important one. Your classroom may run smoothly and you may be one effective teacher, but student grades are by far the best reflection of your success as an educator. You'll want to take your time and make sure your student grades are done carefully.

Take Student Grades Seriously Because They Are Indeed Important

Believe it or not, even the most jaded of students take their grades seriously. They may not want to admit it, but students understand that their grades are a reflection of their performance in class, and consequently, a reflection of themselves. Bad grades can indeed depress a youngster while good grades can boost their confidence and increase their love for learning.

This is only one reason why it's so important to be very careful and cautious when determining student grades. The first step in making sure your student grades are good indicators of scholastic performance is designing a sound grading policy at the beginning of the term. You also need to be meticulous in your record keeping--if your seven looks like a number one at the end of the term you'll have a real problem on your hands.

The next thing you need to do is carefully calculate the final scores. If adding up an entire semester's worth of grades by hand seems like a dodgy way of doing things, you might want to consider investing in a computer grading systems. These grading programs cut down on the errors associated with human fallibility by taking all the grade data and doing the calculations for you.

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