Student Grading Software

Written by Diane Sievert
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Student grading software is a wise buy for many reasons. But most importantly, student grading software can help make you a better teacher. Read on to learn more on how these remarkable programs can change your entire approach to teaching.

Student Grading Software Can Make You a Better Teacher

One of my weaknesses as a teacher was keeping in touch with parents. It seemed that I could never do enough for the parents who were involved in their child's schooling; it also seemed that I could never find a way to make it easy for parents to contact me. Professional adults often forget that most teachers do not have a phone in their classroom and it can be quite difficult to get a hold of us--all too often messages were lost in the enormous amount of paper sorting that I was faced with every day.

Student grading software would have made my life as a teacher a whole lot easier. If all the parents wanted was an update on his or her child's progress, I could have simply emailed them a grade report. It also would have been a good way to contact those parents who should have been more involved in their child's scholastic situation.

Student grading software also would have allowed me to run student-teacher conferences more effectively. I couldn't sit down with a student and take him or her through my grade book--that would have been an invasion of privacy on the part of the other students in the class. If I had been working with student grading software, however, I could have printed up a detailed analysis of the student's performance in the class thus far and used that as a visual prop in discussing the student's grade.

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